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Woohoo! 2017 arrived and we survived our first year of marriage!

Our honeymoon year did not have a single hiccup really. We make a pretty awesome couple if we do say so ourselves. But, wow, did life throw us some crazy curve balls. It was a team effort to knock them out of the playing field and out of our lives. We really look forward to what the years ahead now offer because, really, we can only see things getting better.

As we take on the future years of challenge we will share with you some of the ways we manage our family life. From what it is to wrangle a large family, how we feed everyone, right through to the less talked about roles of blended family life – yes, the role of being a bonus parent (yes, the very misrepresented role that is so often painted as being ‘evil’). Somewhere in there we will also share how we keep our large family organised and how we keep on top of our finances.

We look forward to sharing this with you as we continue this wonderfully amazing and challenging journey as a our very large, blended family.

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Watch this space!

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