Feeding a Large Family

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Feeding a large family takes effort. Meals have to scale to the number of bodies in the house on any given night, need to be wholesome and, with teenagers, they absolutely must be filling too.

Since the acquisition of a Thermomix we have been thankful that a whole lot of interest has been taken in cooking by our children. Not only does it occasionally take the pressure off us as parents a little, but it also becomes an amazing bonding opportunity to have them in the kitchen with us.

Under ‘Clarke Culinary Delights‘ are some of our custom recipes for you try for yourself. All our recipes can be scaled by changing the serving size amount. You just need to remember to scale the size of your bake ware, other dishes and cooking times to suit.

We also have a few tricks up our sleeve that help us feed our tribe. We will share about those here for you:

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