Are you missing a young hen?

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Courtesy of a local Facebook Group member we are currently housing a juvenile chicken which was found on the members property approximately 12 May 2016 in proximity to the Hackham Medical Centre.  It is incredibly friendly and appears to have been hand raised, is part way through developing it’s adult feathers, is still developing the crest and is not yet at point of lay.  Believed to be female.

Upon entering our care there was evidence of some partial feather loss from attacks but she appears to be fit and healthy otherwise.  She has been accommodated with our chickens for the time being and is learning her rank very quickly against three very dominant adult chooks.

Given her rank amongst our brood she has been fondly named Lindsay Low-hen.

Lindsay Low-hen

Lindsay Low-hen

Lindsay has one distinct marking which is her s-bend crest.  It is quite unique.

We would love for her owners to come forward and claim her.  Please get in touch via our Facebook page because we know that someone was taking awfully good care of her before she came to us.  She is due to be vaccinated around now so we would like to see her home before we add in the cost to finding her way home.  (Though that money should really be invested either way.)

Please put word out to your friends living in the Huntfield Heights and Hackham West suburbs!

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3 thoughts on “Are you missing a young hen?”

  1. It is with a degree of sadness that we let you know that Lindsay Low-hen found her forever home this week. We will miss her. 🙁

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