Spilling the Beans (featuring a poem for you)

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Changing Family Dynamics

Our February wedding, the best day, it was great,
Then, wrangling seven kids, it’s a lot on our plate!
Our first anniversary, committed to them, there’s no nanny to whom we delegate,

So many children makes it hard to find moments with our soulmate,
And sometimes the children’s disruptions still dominate,
They get in the way, deflate, frustrate,

Those sorts of things we actually have to anticipate,
To do so, all these children we had to educate, no, legislate,
Or is that we have to constantly negotiate?

The effort finding a discreet time one can’t underestimate,
The reason every private moment we celebrate, (fornicate,)
Enjoying fully the moment in each parental play-date,

So it really is more natural consequence than fate,
That one did ejaculate, another ceased to menstruate,
Yep, with seven kids, we somehow managed to procreate, impregnate, whatever…    …a life create,

So today is the big day, we write to announce, communicate,
That we calculate that later this year we are due to celebrate,
Because with joy we are preparing for a neonate,

Clarke Tribe will be welcoming in child number eight!

(We know, we know, much to facilitate,
Much effort will be made to accommodate,
This life that one of us must gestate,
Whilst we upgrade the house, anyone have a bus to donate?

In the mean time, someone is going decaffeinate,
Which means that words that come to her at this time include ligate,
Amputate, castrate, decapitate, cremate….

(Dare remind her it took two to participate?)

Clarke Tribe – for 2018 expecting number eight.

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