Chasing parked cars

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We’ve all been there, well most of us, when it comes to cars:

That stark realisation that we have been doing nothing more than throwing good money after bad.  That the resources we have been pouring into an object that we take pride in and helps to form our identity through a very public expression of our values is just going to waste.

That’s right, the car you’ve been driving is now so well past its use by date that you have no way of avoiding the issue any more.

It’s time to replace it. *sigh*

Buying a car can been a very painful process, not helped by the amazingly poor reputation that used car salespeople have, once again polling as the lowest ranked profession in the Roy Morgan 2015 Survey with a terrible 4%.  Some would say this is deserved, but I think this is more to do with the expectations of value that are held when looking at purchasing a car.  Doing some preliminary research into not just the sort of car that suits your actual requirements but also the dealerships that hold those vehicles will save you a great deal of time and effort.

Back up in the form of an older and wiser head can also be a great boon, usually for me that would be my Mum as she drives a ridiculously hard bargain, this time though I had a thoroughly enjoyable time with my Dad. We talked about what would be a suitable replacement for my current ride, and what budget would be realistic for meeting our wish list. We then started to do the leg work. I shied away from the large volume used car lots selling vehicles traded in on new purchases and instead focused on the boutique dealers with lower over heads and a small stock of vehicles that they turned over on a regular basis, these dealers tend to focus on value for money vehicles as they cannot afford to be holding stock for long periods.

One dealership stood out in my search, not only because of the realistic price he was advertising his vehicles for, but because of the sincerity of his communication and the willingness to allow the car to sell itself. No pushiness, no hundred phone calls asking when your decision will be made, just genuine interest and conversation allowing the relationship building to drive things along.

I heartedly recommend checking out FJ Vehicle Centre and giving Jeff a call, though his business is located outside of the City of Onkaparinga area but Jeff himself lives local and supporting local business-people is always in our community’s best interest!

Thank you Jeff for your outstanding customer service, your fair dealings and for enabling us to secure our next family car.  It is serving us well.

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