Clarke Tribe Baby NICU Sweepstake

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Baby Clarke is definitely making their presence known now. Believe us when we say that Kristy is copping a beating! We have been so incredibly blessed by those in our community in respect to getting our needs for baby met that we have decided to find a way to pass on the blessing.

So, now is the time to let you know that it is time to get in on the action. Place your bets in the Clarke Tribe Baby NICU Sweepstakes for a winner takes all prize pack. All bets come at a donation cost with 100% of proceeds going to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Flinders Medical Centre.

How to Win

  1. Make a minimum donation of $25.00 value through the Flinders Foundation web site.
  2. Register your donation and request Kristy’s originally calculated due date. We will email it to you.
  3. Come back to Clarke Tribe and place your bet.

To gain advantage, to purchase additional insider information as it becomes available:

  1. Make a donation commensurate to the information value through the Flinders Foundation.
  2. Register your donation with your request for insider information.
  3. Make additional bets, or make a $10.00 donation to change an existing bet.

We will display all bets in a running chart so you can see how tight the competition is.
Bets will ‘expire’ at 72 hours after the time of the date and time given in the bet. After that time they are not eligible for changes and a new bet is required to be placed.

Tell me about the prize!

To increase the value of the prize, encourage your friends, family and colleagues to get involved too!

  • The prize pot will have a minimum value of $50.
  • When we break $500 of fundraising of will increase the prize pot to minimum $100 value. (That is only 20 bets!)
  • At $1,000 of funds raised we will raise the prize pot to minimum $150 value.
  • We will increase the pot value by an additional $50 for every thousand dollars raised thereafter.

What if I win?

If you win we will contact you by email as well as announce it on our web site and Facebook. Winner will be announced no later than 15 September 2018. We certainly hope that we have news no later than that!

I still have questions

If you have any questions, please message us through the Clarke Tribe Facebook Page. We will reply to you and, if we feel it is warranted, will add it to a list of frequently asked questions on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I donate through the Flinders Foundation web site?
We want to ensure every cent goes directly to the cause. The one way we can ensure this is through making direct donations through an accountable charity. We will only accept cash if we are in a position to make an online donation on your behalf of you at the time of exchange. Making the ability to donate online means that you are able to participate in the sweepstake no matter where in the world you are also.

Are you allowed to run this fund raiser?
Yes, this event is a registered fund raising event of the Flinders Foundation. The authority to fund raise is in Kristy’s name an you can view the official letter here:

Flinders Foundation – Authority to Fundraise Kristy Wagner

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