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Parenting is that unpredictable roller coaster ride where you successfully get one child through a life stage, like pulling out of a dip to reemerge at a peak in the track, only to dive into the next. Then what they don’t tell you is that having more than one child isn’t like taking the same ride over again. No, it is like you have a multi-year pass to Six Flags and for every child you are put onto a different ride, except, you are riding all of the simultaneously. No wonder so many parents feel overwhelmed!

As parents we have grown and changed with each additional child. Then, adding a bunch to what we were used to was a short steep run of it’s own. This process has changed who we are and how we parent including how we communicate expectations with our children. We think this has actually made us better parents as we have actively evaluated how we approach the challenge each of our children faces as they grow into young men and women.

We have a few things we have learned along the way.

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