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Tyndale Blog NetworkIf we get any freebies or kickbacks we will tell you.  We do not take paid advertising of any kind but will take donations, preferably in the form of giveaways to our readership.  In all instances, our readership will be told about any discounts or ‘perks’ we have obtained as part of our post about it.

Join the Flock! Litfuse Publicity Group blogger One of our regular perks that we have the option to take up as we wish is in book reviewing. Kristy and I both enjoy reading so we occasionally have the privilege of a free book in exchange for an honest book review. Our web site participates in the Tyndale Blog Network and Litfuse Campaigns. However, with the busy nature of our family life we don’t get to take up the offer as often as we’d like.

Affiliate Links

Our site does feature affiliate links.  We may receive commissions on sales through these businesses after you have linked to them from our web site. We use commissions to cover the administrative costs of the web site. It is goal to make zero profit so any funds in excess will always be donated to charity or be gifted away as prizes and acts of generosity to others. These commission sources include:

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News and Media Outlets

We have a strict ‘no cash for comments’ policy for any use of our content by the media. Media outlets are also reminded that our content is subject to copyright and any use must be with permission. All media inquiries can be directed to family @ or via our Facebook page. Where a news or media outlet, by policy, has a payment provision we require this to be converted into something that is of benefit either to our readership or a charitable cause that we support as mutually agreed.

Open Disclosure

16 November 2018 – $600 paid by Pacific Magazines for article in September donated in full to Foodbank SA.

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