No one is youer than you

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I tried, I tried really really hard, I promise but I couldn’t. I know right? We haven’t launched yet and here I am writing my little heart out when I am certain there are other things I am meant to be doing with my time. But today (and tomorrow) is important to many parents in our community and I wanted to honour that.

Depending on the school, South Aussie children go back to school today or tomorrow and for many young academics it is their first year in Primary school. My daughter had her first day at school last year and tomorrow Jeremy’s youngest has her very first day at school also. It is a moment in time to be celebrated. For us, this year is also the only year that we will have all seven children in primary school at the same time. Sending our youngest off is joyful but also, being the last, comes with a liberation that almost feels selfish.

I experienced the same last year and it is strange to be feeling it all over again for a child I love that is not biologically my own. The feeling of knowing she is off to school has a familiarity that makes it a welcome feeling as I recognise and understand what it is this time around. So, amongst the mixed emotions and tears and not knowing what is next to come I wanted to encourage those parents who are being liberated from their youngest child with the wisdom of Dr. Seuss. For many of us, he would have to be in our top 5 for bedtime reading authors, am I correct?

That pang in your heart may initially feel like loss. As a Mum, I know that so much of my world was wrapped up in the needs of my children and still is but, ultimately, that feeling is one of being able to have more moments that are ‘you’ and not revolving around someone else. This change is a time to invest in you, to rediscover who ‘you’ looks like after years of being ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ and it is one that can be terrifying or liberating but is going to happen whether you like it or not and no matter what attitude you face it with. (So why not be as positive as you can?)

Happy Birthday to You - book by Dr Seuss

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For some, plans may have already been made to increase work and study loads in accordance with this change of life.  We understand completely. 🙂  However, I want to encourage you to also make time for yourself, to spend time reflecting on how your life as a parent has changed who you.  Who are you now anyway?  I found this last year taking the time to do this was so very valuable.  Raising children has really changed me and raising children side by side with other parents, sharing their life journey as well, has impacted my life in a way that nothing else could.  Now, as I walk into the freedom to choose what I do with my life, my time without any of seven children being my primary focus, I am able to pick a life direction that reflects who I am today rather than the person I was 13 years ago when I first conceived my eldest child.

Be encouraged Mums and Dads. “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” A new season is here, a season where a little more ‘you’ is allowed to shine.  Have an awesome ‘return to school’ day. 🙂

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