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They say it takes a village to raise a child. In this way too, raising a child in the right way brings a sense of responsibility for the building up and caring of our community. We are so blessed by the amazing people in our community and we hope that we can give back as much as we feel that they give to us.

Local Businesses

We have a number of businesses that we have had some really positive experiences with and even if our life might have moved on from them we find that they provide a service that is an and above the rest. Here are a few that have been truly amazing for us:

To find out about any current business offers for the local community that we are aware of please check out ‘Events & Offers‘.

Community Groups & Events

Community Groups are the social glue of our local community. They are what hold us together based on shared interests. There are some great groups out there. Those groups are also the quiet pioneers behind our regular local community events. We look forward to sharing more information about them with you.

Watch this space!

Community Resources & Onkaparinga Council

We have some awesome community resources out there, some provided by the local council and others from local charities and community groups. We are compiling links to those resources that we think you might find helpful here for you. Please let us know if any are out of date please!

Watch this space!

Watch this space!

Want more?

Check out our blog posts where we have mentioned local businesses, community groups and have shared our experiences of community events as well as some nifty community resources and things we found the council offers to the community:

Current and Previous Offers & Events

We love our community so very much and we want to find ways to thank you for joining us on the journey. This is *the place* to look for events and offers both from our family and from our local community.

Please message us via our Facebook page to have your community event or local offer to share here.

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