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In the month of May we are giving away and inspirational book about facing life’s challenges. BUT the catch is that you can’t keep it!

The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer by Art Berg

This is a pass-it-on book which is to be read and passed on to someone else who you feel will be inspired by it.

with foreword by Anthony Robbins.

The book is written by Art Berg who, at the age of 21, was in a serious car accident. A quadriplegic, he was told he would never walk again, work or live independently. He was encouraged to believe his life was over. His story is a testimony of perseverance against the odds and taking control of his head space to enable thinking that has enabled him not just to survive but to thrive. Through this captivating autobiography he explains how his physical paralysis is similar to the figurative paralysis so many of us feel – and how we can use his insights to become master of our own lives.

Since his accident Art has run two multi-million dollar corporations and been inducted into the Speakers’ Hall of Fame. He has addressed hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and organisations, including American Express, and travelled 200,000 miles each year to do so. In 1993 he set a world record by being the first quadriplegic of his level to race a 325-mile ultra-marathon. He also defied the doctors by marrying and becoming the father of two children.

For your chance…

This give away is entirely at our discretion. We are looking for you tell us about a challenge that a small piece of inspiration helped you face or overcome. We will be looking for responses that are other people can relate to. We reserve the right to ask for the opinions of others. Our, Jeremy & Kristy’s, shared decision is final. The winner will be advised by email and announced on our blog and Facebook page. In the event that the offer is not claimed within 30 days, another winner shall be selected from any entry which still meets the eligibility criteria also at our discretion.

Entries to be received by 8:00pm ACST, Friday 26 May 2017. Winner announced no later than 6:00pm ACST, Monday 29 May 2017.

Subscription is a requirement of entry and will be checked. You are welcome to unsubscribe any time after the winner is announced if you wish to opt out. We do not onsell any of your contact details to third parties.
Agreement to having your submission shared is a requirement of entry. We understand that not everyone wants their experience published in direct connection to their identity.
You need to be Australian and have an Australian address to post to in order to enter. Sorry, we are paying postage from our own pockets so it's just tough luck.

If you simply can’t wait…

Buy ‘The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer’ now with free shipping from

You can always buy a copy yourself today. It’s available now from with free shipping Australia wide.

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