Mum Moments 2 – Frozen Time

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If time froze for one hour what would you do with it?

Ah, now this is easy. And, without a doubt it starts with a coffee.

If I had one hour to do as I pleased. I would sit down and write. I really do enjoy writing and I live for that moment after the Uni year is over and I can indulge at my leisure in NaNoWriMo. So, if time froze the better question, after making a coffee, what would I sit down and write?

If time froze for one hour I would write letters of love.

In no particular order I would write a letter to each of those that I love.

To each of our seven children I would remind them that they are loved beyond measure, that there is a safe place for them in our family home, always. I make sure that they held no doubt that when the challenges of life get hard, when it gets rough or scary, that our home and our arms will always be a haven to return to, a refuge from the storms of life.

I would remind each child of our moments of love and laughter.

Those moments when they were lifted off the floor unexpectedly for the world’s biggest hug. The silliness of rocking it out in the car. The giggles at silly words that they had not yet learned. And, of course, those witty negotiation strategies for sweet foods, take away and outings using the power of technicalities and loopholes (because creative thinking is healthy and actively encouraged so long as it doesn’t involve playing Mum and Dad off against each other). I will use their life in our home to date to remind them that home is where joy is found every day even in the most mundane of life’s expectations.

To my sisters (and my wonderful new sisters-in-law), I would remind them that love has no bounds, that though distance and life circumstances, at times, seem to hold us apart that nothing will ever strip the bonds that we have.

I would send each sister the biggest of hugs that would overcome the tragedies of life and the tears of joy for every celebration that distance had us miss on our journeys of life.

To my parents and Jeremy’s, I would thank them with all my heart for demonstrating every day that everything in life is about how you walk it out each day and that words are meaningless without following through in your deeds. It is lesson learned by observation, the legacy they have lived out as an example.

I would tell each parent what a blessing they have been in more ways than they will ever know.

I would let them know that their lives will carry on as a legacy in ours because who they are has inspired us to expect more of ourselves in how we live out our days with others.

To my friends I would remind them that they are as valuable as diamonds to me. I would thank you for being the iron that makes me sharp as we rub shoulders over coffee and movie nights, academic conversation at work and through the sharing of our spiritual journey together. I would remind them that they key to loving others is to nourish your spiritual and physical self first. I would let them know that it is important to deal with the challenges and obstacles life throws at you and that it is always best to do whatever it takes to overcome them because you can never truly hide the elephant in the room.

I would promise each friend that the journey to healing is always worth it no matter how much sacrifice it takes.

I would write a letter to Jeremy thanking him for the work he puts into himself to be a better man, leader and father. For every day he invested in himself until he met me, during our courtship and now into our marriage.

I would wish Jeremy every blessing in return for his gentle spirit.

Acknowledging how he actively seeks out the good in others, myself included, and waits for a willing, learning spirit to address disappointments and short-comings. That it is a true gift to me, our family and to others.

I would thank him for his commitment to me from the beginning as a friend through to this day as my husband and the love of my life. That his standard is always for words and actions motivated by love. Daily, it is a blessing to my soul.

And then, I would reboil the kettle and sit down with my second fix.

I would take the time to pray for the life ahead for each and every person in our lives. Praying that that they may find comfort that someone has already considered their road ahead and has every best wish for their journey.

That is what I would do if time froze for one hour.

Featured image source: Torsten Hofmann – under Creative Commons license.

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