Mum Moments 3 – Ordering my Day

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How can I best order my day today to get done with what I need to do?

Sundays are a frightfully hard day for us.  This time of year it is so very busy but it is always so much fun.

It is football season and this season we have one in School soccer which started yesterday and three in Club football of a Sunday!  This is our week with the whole tribe together so it is ‘game on’ from the moment the first child wakes.

Our morning involves breakfast and boots, shin-pads and shirts, shorts and socks that are as long as my arm.  Somewhere in there are four other children and convincing one of the girls that thongs on her feet are not a good match to wet grass and pouring rain takes more than a smile to overcome that delightfully put-on pout. Sometime after that comes hair and teeth, especially for the boy with the surfer hair style who can’t see the ball through his fringe.

In the afternoon is mandated rest for me at the moment, a bridge to get me into the next week.  Jeremy on the other hand invests special time into his children before he takes them to their mother’s and heads out for his boys night. It is time for me to be up and at ’em again when he leaves to have my quality time during the evening with my children too before they head to bed for the night.

So, here is my ‘Top Five’ list of how I can best order my day, today, to get done what I need to do.

Find a still and quiet moment

Yes, I need my peace before the storm.  This means waking up early enough to achieve this.  I tend to wake with the sun so Winter is a challenge for me.  We have a blanket policy of no children out of bed before 7:00am in our home, so having a half hour of quiet time so that I can power into my day before the sudden release of children is really important.  Jeremy and I do our couples devotional time of an evening and at the moment we are working through The Love Dare Day by Day: A Year of Devotions for Couples [link is to Fishpond].  The mornings is when I have my personal time sometime before 10:30am, Jeremy usually later in the day  as he truly is not a morning person. So, Sundays mean an early morning for me so that I get my quiet time for the day.

All washed up

Talk about timing for this question!  This week just gone our washing machine broke down.  With ten people in our house this last week the proposition of not being able to wash clothes is a nightmare so we picked up an emergency machine yesterday and are awaiting a callback on a repair person.  It isn’t until you have something like that happen that you realise how dependent you are on your natural routines.  I can’t count how many wash loads went through since 5:00pm yesterday but rest assured it was a lot!  Having the clothes for the sports players washed sorted and laid out the night before makes an absolute world of difference to our morning.  Preparation removes a lot of potentially stressors.

Who, what, where?

We also need to preplan who is going where as we have three matches at three different times and potentially in three different locations. Some weeks are organised chaos (where the chaos is in the planning rather than the execution) and others are local and quite straightforward. This is the reason we are constantly asked, “With so many kids involved in so many things – how do you do it?” It comes down to having a plan. Generally, the plan starts about which child has to be where and when followed making plans for the other children for transit to venues which minimise their exposure to the elements, that allow easy supervision, and involves something fun and engaging to do possibly before and definitely afterwards.

Booty for the babes

I don’t know about the children you have contact with but our tribe really eat! There is no leaving home without the combined short and long term energy release of nut bars, a large supply of water and activities to keep idle hands and feet occupied. We are really blessed at one of our home grounds to have supervised club rooms so those not on the field can safely avoid ill-weather and can engage in colouring-in, books, board games and other activities. It is such a blessing. Otherwise, they are hanging with us so outdoor equipment is in tow. One way or another, it is to our advantage for the children to have picked out what they wish to take the night before.

Evening fare

As I sleep in the early afternoon and evening is my quality time with my personal brood, it is important that I don’t wind up ball and chained to the kitchen preparing meals rather than spending time with my children. Having a plan for dinner, especially one where Jeremy isn’t there to tag team in with me is vitally important. Thank goodness for meal planning and a natural creative flair to draw out the best from our fridge and pantry.  Of course, some times the meal plan is for cooking dinner together being part of quality time of the evening.  (Hint: individual pizzas or pizza breads are always a special family-directed treat.)

So, I think this logically makes a good plan of what I *should* be doing I best order every second Sunday to get done with what I need to do.

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