Mum Moments 5 – Thrown for a Loop

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What is going to attempt to throw me for a loop this month? What can I do about it?

Oops, too late!

I have already been thrown for a loop. Of recent months my body has been playing tricks on my and it has made my productivity limited. With my priorities being focused on family first it has blown a giant hole in my study and research. It has been painful to watch the goals for reaching my vision slide but my body has chosen a path.

I have had no choice but to be committed to achieving wellness.

So that is what I have done.

Tuesday was my first full day of genuine wellness and the remaining headaches really feel like I am getting off lightly. It has been a turning point that allowed me, that day, to get some traction on household bills. Yesterday I was enabled to face my calendar and general organisation which has not been at it’s peak for a couple of months and I needed to do that to get onto my study again today and to attempt a salvage process.

So to achieve this I have just emailed all my lecturers and requested meeting times. I guess i just need to take one step at a time from there. Fingers crossed tomorrow brings a fresh opportunity to pull it all together, or at least the parts that I can because I am all too aware that some deadlines simply can’t be stretched.

So, what do I take away from this experience given that it is as ‘oops, too late’ situation?

I have learnt a lot.

Firstly, doing life with seven children is a lot more work than I gave myself credit for doing until now. It is a full time job and then some. I have taken no more that they devotional time for myself since our wedding. Jeremy himself has made point to mention that I need to craft, fitness and downtime. He was a good at reminding me that that not taking that time means that I had lost my wriggle room for health management.

I have to concede, Jeremy is right.

(Yes, that is quoted for posterity.  I am blessed with a husband who notices when I am not my bright, energetic, determined self.)

So my game plan to prevent this from happening again is to lighten my workload. So, after my salvage attempts, it is time to revisit my timetable. That phD might be an extra year or so away as a result but better that than being perpetually unwell.

Life is a journey of learning and what matters is that we choose the correct interpretation of life’s lessons when we seek to apply it to our lives.

Featured image source: Loozrboy – under Creative Commons license.

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