Mum Moments 6 – Time to Delegate

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What in my daily life do I need to delegate?

Now this question on the original ’30 days of Reflection’ there was small print following this question that had in brackets ‘either to a machine, a person or a calandar’.  Honestly, I am really stonkered by this one.  Those tasks that I choose not to delegate are ones that I truly prefer to undertake myself.

  • I enjoy folding washing in front of a random television amusement.
  • I love getting to snuggle in to listen to readers after school.
  • I enjoy the fun that occurs in the school run where silly is the new cool.
  • I enjoy cooking.  (Though this has been sorely missed with recent fatigue).

So, I find myself in a bit of a pickle thinking about it and then realised I had already pre-booked the answer.  I have never owned the Thermomix, I have never seen one in action even.  Jeremy recalls his former use of one almost with tears in his eyes as if he had lost a dear friend.  So, to cover his grief, before writing this post, I had booked a Thermomix party for this weekend.

Given the size of our family I am not convinced we will get all in one meals out of a Thermie but I am sure I can delegate aspects of food preparation to the machine to speed up my meal preparation time and perhaps get some early preparation done that is hard to facilitate at the moment. I expect this is my new act of delegation. I guess I will get a better picture of the scope of this over the weekend!

Speaking of which, whilst writing I have recieved two phone calls from my wonderful consultant, Theresa, who has given us a range of options to consider for our family.  I guess couch time tonight will be interesting (Jeremy should read probably this as ‘expensive’).  It is kind of exciting really, it is like the distraction of a new technology gadget.  ‘Shiny!’

So, now an aside question for those who know and love Thermie! What are your go-to recipes and functions? What should we try first? Please share by commenting!

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