Mum Moments 7 – My next birthday

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What are three things I would like for my next birthday as a gift?

What gorgeous timing! My birthday just happens to be in the next week!

In many regards, the week that has just been has been outside my range of normal, joyful and motivating. This, of course, has nothing to do with anyone else but rather the circumstances of life as we live it. Things happen that we don’t expect, and though we rise to the challenges it does not mean that we necessarily would wish those challenges for ourselves or for anyone else for that matter. I have diarised to write about last week in approximately late September or early October so watch this space! (I just wanted to give myself breathing room to write about it and let it sit and stew a while before giving it a final polish before publishing.)

So, last week aside and focussed on the week ahead – birthday week! What are three things that I would like for my next birthday as a gift?

Remedial massage

With recent health challenges I have spent a lot of time in bed. I am acutely aware that I have experienced muscle wastage during this time and find myself constantly stiff with achy joints. I believe gettting a remedial massage would do a world of good – activating lymphatic drainage, moving toxins out of my limbs and giving me a foundation to start my body moving forward again. That to me sounds like bliss.

A whole weekend to craft

I miss crafting so much! I confess I haven’t done any since the wedding as I have been buried in my studies. What a joy it would be to have two and a half days straight to craft my heart out. What a blessing that would be. If I had the lead time, enough notice to get to the right suppliers, so many UFO’s could be completed. Oh, what a concept!

Yes, I love craft of all varieties. You can check out just a sample of my completed projects in my Pintrest Craft Nook. I long for the opportunity to add some more pictures to that board.

Completed Craft Room

Over December and January the foundation of my craft room was completed. Walls were installed, floor tiles were laid but the space still needs a lot of work – painting, insulation, exterior walling along with new lighting and power supply points in the right places. From that point it would truly be my retreat. Of course, one year it will also be added into the existing heating and cooling as well as have new lighting installed. It will be bliss.

Forward motion in this project is something I hope for in the coming year. I am not sure completion is every truly possible because the space will always be my work in progress but having it become progressively more habitable for my day to day activities would be fantastic. And having it painted would mean I can get pictures on the wall which would be all the more amazing. I have a painting originating from New Zealand that I hope to buy into our collection for the room (but that is a negotiation yet to be made with Jeremy). Ah, time can achieve so much if we put our minds to it.

Featured image source: Liz ‘muffet’ West – under Creative Commons license.

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