Mum Moments 14 – Prepare for Christmas

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What is one thing I can do today to prepare for Christmas this year?

Hmm, well I can think of a few things that I can do. Here is the beginnings of my list:

Start saving!

27 Week Christmas Savings Plan – Pintrest

Normally Christmas savings is something that I am all over before New Years even strikes. However, starting out this year after months on unpaid leave myself has taken a massive toll to us financially, something that we are still recovering from in many regards. It is not something that I regret though as the needs of our family have to come first and sometimes the need for time becomes more important than money.

So, where to start? Pintrest of course! I went for a hunt for savings plans that worked on a shorter than 12 month basis. I know it is going to mean lean living for the rest of the year but I pinned a few options that I came across.

I think that I would feel better if I made a move on this soon. Having a plan for money gives me a sense of security and makes me less nervous when I think about future events that are coming up.

Start Watching for Specials

With the unique nature of each of our children there are some very specific things that we have in mind for each of our children for Christmas. These can get expensive awfully fast if left until last minute so now is the time to start keeping our eyes out for either the right price on the gift OR the components for building the gift that we wish to give. I have some specific things that I want printed and/or framed at the moment as well so I should start looking into that too!

Get a Menu Plan Together

This is an ‘all in’ year for us based here at home. So with a lot of mouths to feed we should probably have a bit of a plan together! I need to have a chat with the extended family and see what we can come up with. I know that seafood entree will definitely be on the cards with roasts and salads coming for mains. The real question is what to serve for dessert in an above the Clarke Christmas Pudding. Any ideas?

Knock off the house maintenance

We are actually in the process of painting the house at the moment. We are two bedrooms in with two to go. We also plan to knock over wet areas and a hallway as well. Beyond that we have shelving and decor to sort out as well over the coming months. You know, all those things that bring order to a home by giving personal effects their own permanent place with a little more order than before. Gosh I am looking forward to that! It would be really awesome to have it all in place by the time that our new bundle of joy arrives leaving a good few months clear of Christmas to focus on other things – like surviving a new level of sleep deprivation!

What’s something you could start today to prepare for Christmas?

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