Mum Moments of May 2016 and beyond

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So, a long time ago I was a homeschooling Mum. I loved every minute of it.

As part of my resourcing I read a lot of blogs and participated in a couple of forums that were used by people who used similar learning materials as I did. One blogger I followed a long time ago was Kari from Stone Soup for Five. I don’t get on the site much these days and it has changed a lot as Kari has developed the resources that she sells and the site has adapted for the commercial aspects of what she does with her time. One thing I stumbled upon, though, has been challenge that she put out in 2014 called ‘30 days of Reflection‘ and funnily enough through Pintrest rather than through the following I had years ago.

I wanted to get started on it way before now, but it has had to wait until May. Accordingly I am rebadging it ‘Mummy Moments of May 2016 and beyond’ which you are welcome to follow. I am fully aware that I am incapable of writing every day without ignoring way too much housework so I am aiming for just once a week which should take me through until at least Christmas.

I encourage those who write themselves to take on the challenge for themselves from Kari’s encouragement. If you do take up the challenge, feel free to link to it as a comment to this post in addition Kari’s blog. For ease of following, I have created a new menu option called ‘Mum Moments‘ under the menu option ‘Family Life’ so you can come back and see what has been posted.

Photo courtesy Lyndal Gibson Photography

Photo courtesy Lyndal Gibson Photography

I look forward to your comments, thoughts, suggestions and motivating ideas as we head into a month of love and growth.


Featured image source: Dean ‘eosdude’ Gawler – under Creative Commons license.

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