Mum Moments 11 – Top Three Priorities – Part 3

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Time to get back to it! Part Three at last!

What are my top three priorities in this season of life?

3. Our community

We love our community so very much. We have fantastic neighbours who are mindful of our comings and goings. They keep an extra eye on our home and our children and we are so thankful to have a positive relationship with them. Then, in a wider setting, we are blessed with people who encourage and support our family, adults and children alike. We have active encouragement from local business operators and their staff as well as community groups in our Council area. It is such a treasure to have people speak positively into your life. We value that and we, in equal measure, hold those people, their life and livelihoods in equal esteem.

Our Council is also pretty awesome in the recreational facilities they provide to our neighbourhood. We also have many very active community groups to participate in as adults, a family and for our children. We can’t really complain. We love the Onkaparinga region and are so very glad to call it home. And, it’s connectedness to the Fleurieu region, our second love, makes it such a beautiful place to live.

We want our local area to be a place that we can enjoy through the years to come but also wish it to be a place where our own children would be willing to put down roots themselves and, accordingly, we are passionate to see our local community grow in health and economic maturity.

At this current time this gives us a few key issues that we are particularly passionate about at the moment.


When employment is discussed in the media we are all hearing about the Northern suburbs loss of Holden and associated component manufacturers. Where though is the coverage of all the small businesses that have closed their doors under financial pressures being experienced in the South?

Jeremy and I both previously worked in the Lonsdale precinct and it is so very disheartening hearing of business after business wind back or wind down as the economics of their industry become unviable to continue as they were. So many redundancies that are unaccounted for by the media and, as such, have gone without response from our political representatives. No, instead redundancies have been handed out and staff have gone home, like heading into the darkness of the night with no plan for how they are going to manage life when the light comes the next morning.

It is our hope to get a whole bunch of people together next year to address this issue – connecting local employers with community service and advocacy groups who work with job seekers. We believe it is time to see something positive that can be used as a stepping stone to build something independently sustainable for the community.


We wish to be in communities that are safe. We want our loved ones to make it home safely each and every night.  As well, we want to know that our home is a sanctuary and safe haven to any who need it.

There is a sense on social media of distrust created by petty crimes, vehicle break-ins and theft as well as home invasion. Then we have incidents that have occurred that have resulted in personal harm. Nothing more publicised at the moment than lives affected by road traffic crashes. It breaks our hearts.

We were so very glad to hear from the public meeting at Aldinga last week that the Council was listening to it’s residents and to have local Councillors including the Mayor, the Honourable Lorraine Rosenberg, who were actively listening to and responding to the views of local residents. I cannot fault our Council’s role in advocating for the major infrastructure and resource needs of our community, from policing, to road infrastructure. It has been great to see the meeting of last week result in the formation of a local action group seeking upgrade to South Road from Seaford to Sellicks.

The voice of locals, our family included, have been heard by the media and at least has hit the radar of politicians, unlike the employment issue. And, yes, I now know from the photo accompanying the media article why my children know when I have my no-nonsense face on!

Community Spirit

No matter what happens with employment and road upgrades though, the thing we hold dearest is the local community spirit. We love it and we are deeply saddened when parts of it gets lost in the pressures of life. So we have been building some extra positive activities into our week just gone and into the weeks ahead as part of our new Advent Calendar for Random Acts of Kindness. (More about that later I am sure!)

The activities are two-fold really.

We want to bring a healthy spirit of kindness to our community and, at the same time, give our children the experience of the joy that comes in giving time, effort and resources to others.

So, we have done one of our larger activities for the month already and we are happy to share it with you below. We have called it ‘Clarke Tribe’s Candy Cane Bombing’ and you will see what we mean below.  We hope that we can live out the life we expect to experience in our community and want to encourage you to be change you want to see in the world also.

Featured image source: Roger Wyman for the Southern Times Messenger.

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