Pj Bear Makes His Mark

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We know that some of you have noticed a some twitter wars within our family. Ultimately, this is all because young PJ Bear has had his mark on the social media community as as the ‘Ever Hungry Chef’ which is a pretty apt self-description really. PJ’s cooking capers have really taken off since my purchase of the latest Thermomix and now breaking PJ away from it to allow others to cook is a near impossibility. He is even negotiating to become a demonstrator in his own right (an endeavour that we wish him well with).

PJ has always been a child who thrives in one-to-one relationships. He enjoys being your shadow and learning from what you do every step of the way. We honestly did no know how much he had picked up from Kristy and I until ‘Thermie’ arrived. It actually arrived of a Tuesday, on the Thursday PJ cooked dinner in it for the first time.

The Saturday morning, day five with Thermie, Kristy awoke to the sound of noise of the racks inside the oven. Upon finding me still by her side, I was subjected to a sharp elbow until I went to see why someone found it necessary to engage in contact with the oven at such an early hour of the morning. It was pretty obvious that this was a serious inspection from the moment the bedroom door opened as the smell of warm golden syrup met my nostrils. PJ Bear, of his own volition, had decided to bake Anzac Biscuits and his first ever batch was on it’s way out of the oven.

By the end of the weekend, it was apparent that PJ was committed and not long after his twitter account followed. Now with the recent request of a recipe from local business First Froots PJ also needs a repository for his recipes. We have offered for him to share his recipes here so that, you, our readership can benefit from his efforts. To help him also he has also set up his first ever online profile on our site.

Watch this space, and follow PJ Bear on Twitter, as he is going places. This coming Friday he will be having a baking taste-off of Anzac biscuits with the ladies of the Women’s Auxillary of the Morphett Vale Sub-branch of the Returned Services League of SA. He also has been challenged to come up with a tasty spice mix to put over freshly made chips that is gluten free. Maybe one day we will see the mix form part of a menu yet? We look forward to seeing what other challenges he takes up as he looks to develop his skills in food service.

We could not be more proud of PJ Bear as he steps into a passion and explores it. As parents, Kristy and I could not expect anything more.

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