Poem: Education Support Staff We Thank You

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This poem is dedicated to all the education support staff that work in our local schools.  Your are the grease to the cogs of learning for our children.  You develop the look and feel of their learning environment, your help them scaffold their learning and you are there to help pick up the pieces when the day begins to fall apart.  For all these things we are so thankful for the role you play.

Education Support Staff We Thank You

Skun knees, head lice and nose bleeds attended,
For uniforms borrowed whilst others are mended,

The watering of plants, shrubs pruned and garbage removed,
For when your heart melts as lunches for those going without are chewed,

With tissues provided, the wiping of tears and an encouraging chat,
For small group learning activities down on the mat,

Speedy six support, learning tools for math, and listening to readers,
Each thing you do identifying and raising up leaders,

Helping each child with social skills, quick with reminder of a school rule,
Being in the count for excursions, chasing down lost socks at the pool,

For intensive learning support and putting NAPLAN participants through their paces,
And teaching the ever important art of tying one’s own shoe laces,

When your job isn’t just connecting through learning, it’s connecting through the heart,
We thank you especially today that it’s really a special pieces of you that you impart.

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