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After two or so years of blogging, it became apparent that occasionally we publish content that parents and families as well as our wider community are interested in. This means that occasionally we get a little piece of media attention.

If you are from a media outlet and interested in our input in an upcoming article your best means of contact is via our Facebook page. Cheers!

Recent External Publications

25 October 2019

“I watched my mum rip the shirt right off my father’s back.”
Mums At The Table

Recent Media Coverage

19 February 2019

Channel Nine News Adelaide, subsequently interstate.
Australia’s budgeting Brady Bunch
Reported by Jess Stanley

13 September 2018

“Secrets of a Budget Queen”
Written by Jacqui May

3 July 2018

Only hold birthday parties for children every two years and buy uniforms second-hand: Thrifty mother-of-seven shares her simple tips for saving more than $3,000 a year
Written by Alice Murphy, Daily Mail Australia

25 June 2018

Thrifty mums tell: We’re Australia’s best bargain hunters
Written by Nikki Black, New Idea

June 2018

Seven genius ideas for a fresh and functioning laundry
Written by Kirrily Schwarz, Kidspot Magazine

8 May 2018

Ingenious parents reveal how they feed a family of nine on just $120 of groceries a FORTNIGHT – and stockpiling everyday items in their pantry is the key
Written by Matilda Rudd, Daily Mail Australia

6 December 2016

Five have died, 80 been hurt — we want action now’: residents push for duplication of Main South Rd
Written by Kurtis Eichler, Southern Times Messenger

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