Taking time to ‘reset’

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It has been a tough couple of months that have passed. And, unsurprisingly, our writing momentum has come to a near-halt.

Those cogs are still grinding, just slowly, clogged with the grit of real life. The grit came from many places. The dirt that gets walked in the front door – the mud of soccer and work boots – the mess of the outside world that sneaks past the front door mat. The what gets hauled from the privacy of our back yard, the mess from sections of the yard that have not been tended to yet. Then, the dust of idleness settles after the buzz of our home quietens with the temporary drop in responsibilities.

The past couple of months have been about taking time to hit the reset button. Refocusing on our core values and making decisions for our future. It has been tough to work through the all the feelings around the upheaval of our life over recent times. It has taken an emotional toll to work our way through to what feels like more stable ground.

A break from the peripheral

We have had some time to pull away and focus on each other, our children and our home. For me, this was triggered by my original bed rest which made it less emotive but for Jeremy it was hard.

I love Jeremy to bits. Every day I feel that I love him that little bit more. Through it all his primary concern was for me, every step of the way, and he was there in every moment. For this I am truly and wonderfully blessed.

Not just in this trying time too. Jeremy has always found ways to remind me of how loved I am every day of our relationship and it was hard work at the time to accept the support from your partner when you feel you are not able to fully reciprocate. Of course, with changing tides, life has balanced this out but it is hard at the time. It is that reminder that all of us have trying times and that it is okay not to be okay.

Focusing on Core Values

Being able to take the time to be at home, to invest in each other has been really good because it becomes the base from which we both reach out to the children together. We do family life together as a team too and it was great to have the extra time to work through addressing the varied parenting issues around children as they hit us with new challenges and developmental milestones with all the eye rolling and attitude that goes with that. It is awesome to have a clean focus on our core values, something to work towards again, and perhaps most importantly something that feels deliberate with real tangible goals in mind. Goals and establishing a sense of purpose are really important in life.

Bringing our sense of hope into the lives of others

Whilst we have had this time of bringing life back into focus the world has not stopped spinning for our wider tribe. Friends and family have had their own challenges and, as is always the way, as you regroup and focus on getting life in order it is quickly followed by the chance to reconnect with friends in a way that allows you to positively impact their circumstances.

The more recent weeks have been about this. Reaching out, letting people know that we are okay, and finding ways to let them know they are loved and supported through their challenges also. The smallest blessing is being able to simply give hugs. Hugs that simply say,

You are not alone. You are part of my tribe.

And, by golly, I love my tribe.

This week has also been about people who I can’t just hug, those who I have not seen in so long because of life, distance and circumstance. For some we are bound together in love by text message conversations and others with a whispered prayer. Life doesn’t always deal us the cards we want but it teaches us to reach out and be raw and real.

So, the reset button had brought us to today: broken, raw, real but also back to our solid ground to face the world stronger individually, stronger as a couple, stronger as a family and ready to take on the need to love our community too.

So, where do you think we should start?

Featured image source: Dino ‘joliebean’ Giordano – https://www.flickr.com/photos/joliebean/ under Creative Commons license.

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