The Big Day

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Finding Joy in the Moment

Finding Joy in the Moment

Well, the big day has been and gone and, by golly, was it awesome!

Never has a wedding been so very ‘real’ and true to life.  With a bride who prioritised a child’s soccer event to being at the alter, to kids running around without parents fearing correction.  With joyful laughter amongst the chaos of trying to do professional photography and even dealing with the bride also deciding it was time to have her own turn in the bouncy castle.

It was a wedding that embraced that this was the coming together of two families in their own right.  This was not about just a bride and a groom but also about a whole swag of children and, as such, they all had a say in what they day would look like.

Fabulous Face Painting

Fabulous Face Painting

 Suddenly, the budget included face painting, bouncy castles, giant jenga and so very much more.  It was deemed ‘family friendly’ and children were allowed to be children whilst the ceremony occured without the need for chastisement.  It was something really unique and reflective of how highly Kristy and Jeremy value the concept of family.

Jeremy and Kristy wrote their own commitments based on eight core values that they agreed reflected their desires for their marriage and their family and had tokens of each value tied into a handfasting cord.  They exchanged rings and committed their lives to each other to the joy of all in their family.

It was a day filled with joy, but had an undertone that was the presence of love and compassion as many hearts felt for Kristy in the absence of several key family members on the day.  One of Kristy’s sisters was involved in a road crash just days before and, after being airlifted to Melbourne, was still in hospital on the day of the wedding.  Other family members were drawn away to be the support that Kristy’s sister needed.  Kristy acknowledged her family later, though, stating that,

I am so blessed to have a family who has their priorities straight.

She went on to say,

I am blown away at how my family step up every time without question no matter where they are in their life journey. I can think of nothing better than a family filled with love, compassion and a heart that responds to the needs of others as a role model and encouragement.

Not a tear was shed by Kristy in the public side of the event as she shared the joy in the coming of this day.  Instead she embraced every aspect of it. Especially a good workout of bouncing in the bouncy castle just to get life back into perspective.

Later, at the evening celebration, the couple gave acknowlegement to all those who had loved, supported and guided them to this day.  Recognition was given to those who has intersected their lives in so many ways and all were invited to continue the journey not just in buiding relationship with each other, but in also building and extending a sense of community for others also as a means to make all that they found special in their friendships both bigger and better.  Concluding with Jeremy,

It really seems most appropriate to make a toast to ‘doing life together’.

All replying,

To life together!

Image including another child used with written consent of the child’s parent.

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