The Truth of the Matter

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Some context:

Last week had been somewhat of a tumultuous week, with lots of work demands as I work with a business in putting together a ‘growth and expansion plan’ and start helping them build a policy framework to support many, many more staff than they do at this moment. In high demand weeks, I manage my stress levels from work and life by beating something senseless until I have not a single breath left. And, by something, I often mean my punching bag at home but sometimes it is also by punching an oar into water and paddling with fury upstream until I have given it all I have got before allowing myself to meander back down stream to my launching point. Either way, it’s a really fantastic way to get life’s challenges out without engaging anyone else in the process and I come off fitter and healthier for it.

However with pregnancy there is a need to slow down and this has meant other strategies have been employed, more recently coupled with the ‘nesting’ factor. So, believe it or not, I have been hand polishing our timber floors one section at a time throughout the house. It gives my arms and shoulders a great work out, similarly to the punching bag or kayak but without the heart rate elevation that I need to be mindful of at this time. All I need to do is just be well prepared so that I have all I need for a chunk of time at ground level, ready to go, so I am not triggering off dizzy spells from the act of standing up too quickly, which I seem to have a habit of doing without forethought when I am focused on a task. Oops! Yes, dizzy spells are something I try to avoid really.

Let’s track back over the last few weeks

In the weeks earlier, we had moved some ‘nursery robes’ into the house for the baby. For the life of me, though, I could not locate the smaller coat hangers we had aside for the robes (as they are not as deep as a standard robe). I had a collection of them and I was sure I had left them on the cot but now they were not there. My mother, the fortnight before, had overseen one of our children tidy the room that the cot was in so, whilst on the phone with her I asked if she had seen them.

She stated that the last she had seen them was under the bed of the child who was tidying the room. Easy. Located. Phew. I should mention at this juncture that Jeremy had come into the same space, was within listening distance and able to catch my half of the phone call. I responded to my mother that that was brilliant to know as I hadn’t looked that hard for them and that I’d get Jeremy to quickly look under the bed…

(Pause here whilst reading for effect. LOL)

..because getting down on my hands and knees and up again isn’t that fun unless I am down there for at least half an hour.

(The full conversation context: dizzy spells)

(Jeremy’s initial interpretation: all that action that brings one into the baby way in the first place)

I went to continue on telling my Mum, who knew about my run ins with dizzy spells, about my floor polishing but had to pause. I was totally distracted by this man who collapsed, grabbing his ribs in side-splitting laughter.

He was out of control with tears streaming down his face. Then, I had to apologise to my Mum for the extended pause explaining Jeremy’s response before continuing on with the story about my mission to see all the timber-work polished. She had a good giggle with me about it before we moved on. Sorry Mum!!

When we only catch one side

The point of the post is this: when we only catch one side of the story we totally miss the full context. Or, worse still, we are exposed to even less than half the story and only have a half-side the story from only a brief period in time (such the small part of a phone conversation that Jeremy caught).

Occasionally this can lead to uproarious laughter from the misinterpretation. Great. Have your laugh. Get it out of your system. Let’s just move on with life, eh?

Other times it can lead to misplaced judgement of others and sometimes tempt us to take actions based on false biases. Of course, this shouldn’t happen. It is really wrong for this to occur, at least in the adult world, because we should be capable of weighing and measuring the information we have against what detail remains in the unknown.

However, this is not always the case. In some instances, people who take roles that we feel should be highly respected, who we have given trust and responsibility to, jump into really poor decisions without consideration for the full picture or the impact their decisions make. We trust and expect these people will act in a manner that considers what the ‘third side’, the side with all the information, might look like. The truth. Sometimes, though, we find ourselves bitterly disappointed and need to take stock of where we really place our trust.

It is our hope that telling this story today though is a lighthearted reminder for all of us that we need to take the time to try and see things, as best we can, both in the context of the known as well as the unknown of the circumstances at the time.

It’s time to put our personal sentiments of the moment aside, and instead take time to look at all the information, to find the truth of the matter.

Maybe, just maybe, it might lead to some questions being asked before we, as a community of individuals, start wielding the sword of judgement against any other person. Can we try it? Just maybe?

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