Vale Kris Guglielmucci

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Yes, another day of writing pre-launch. A more sombre tone on this occasion though.

Today is our children’s first day of school and, whilst they are there, a massive part of our community will be gathering at the local Edge Church to celebrate the life of Kris Guglielmucci. Every aspect of Kris’ life makes is hard to comprehend the circumstances that will bring so many people together today. It is disappointing, though unsurprising, that Google’s current top links when you search on Kris are now on the sudden, unforeseen loss of his life in circumstances that I can only hope people will hesitate before making light of. Though, one wonders, if God wanted a fast way to bring us home, that this may just be it. For those of us left though it is a frightful shock to the system.

Kris’ impact on the community is extensive, not just from his Church life as a Youth Pastor at Victory Church but for all of who he was and how he outworked that through his life. For those in my era Kris will be remembered as a contributor to the Planetshakers team that had massive impact to myself and my younger sisters in our teen year. ┬áTheir concerts giving my mother a welcome respite from worry over the activities we were engaged in. His life is a demonstration on the impact a person can have when you carry a shared vision for the community you are involved in and the lives of those you love.

Life is so short and we do not know when it is our time. This circumstance is a strong reminder of this and, for us it is a strong reminder to carry out our vision. We love our family and we love our community. Jeremy and I are committed to continuing on in our own lives with the same commitment that Kris brought in his life and to his community.

In the celebration of a life, we also mourn side by side with Kris’ family. Lisa, no one can measure the loss of the one you have committed your life to love. It is times like this that ‘to death do us part’ seems like an unfair call. Real, genuine love carries on way beyond any marriage covenant. For Pastors Danny and Sharonne our hearts break with yours. No parent should ever have to live to see their own child pass. To sister Dan and brother Mike, and your family, our hearts are with you too. ┬áMost of all as a parent, my heart is breaking for Lisa and Kris’ children. We have been here before and it has a been a heart wrenching journey watch young children grieve their parent and to miss their presence as life proceeds on without them. Our prayers, though, with all friends and family are especially with Lisa and her children, may you know the presence of your Lord and God and may he faithfully hold you in His hand.

To those from the local community who will also be celebrating the life of Kris and giving him a finale farewell, we are there with you.

Vale, Kris Guglielmucci. With love from Jeremy & Kristy with all our family. xox

Please note: no photo image has been used as we believe in getting permission from the source and, out of respect, we feel it inappropriate to ask at this time.


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  1. Kristy and Jeremy, that is truly beautiful what you have written about Kris Gug!! May he always be remembered in the light of the Lord and the work that he did. What an honour it was to have known him if only for a brief moment in time.. I remember the times I spent under the guidance of Kris and Mike while serving in the music ministry team as it was then known.

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