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Yesterday was a big day.  When it comes to the physical demands on the Bride and Groom, weddings are big affairs even when they are small.  It is apparent to me now that it doesn’t get any easier with maturity either!

The children are already up and about spritely going about their morning because their body clocks have no shame.  Their movement around the house makes it is just that little bit harder to sleep in and pretend that Sunday 28 February 2016 won’t exist other than to spend quality time with my love, my beautiful wife.  There, I said it, my wife.  I like the sound of that. 🙂

In reality, along with the noise of children around the house, I know that we have a home and yard waiting to be tidied after the festivities of the evening.  It feels like only the day before yesterday that we madly tidied the house and yard to near perfection. Oh wait…

It was amazing the efforts that we went to in the weeks and months before now to sort and tidy.  We had a garage sale, then gave things away literally by the trailer load and even then there was more.  Kristy is quite resourceful and had a good chat to the helpful staff at the City of Onkaparinga and she found places to get rid of old electrical goods and cardboard for free.  She also booked in a hard waste collection which was collected in the nick of time just last Thursday.


Community Clean Up Day is
6 March 2016.

I am all to aware of how much time we spend keeping our yard in order.  It is reflective of how much we value it.  As a family we also spend a lot of time in and derive great value from our local parks and playgrounds also.  It seems only fitting that we should invest our time in action that reflects how much we also value these shared community spaces.  We noticed that next Sunday is the perfect opportunity to do exactly that because it is Clean Up Australia Day.  So we may just glove up and do our bit.

I have already scouted out the Clean Up Sites for the Onkaparinga Council Area and encourage you to join in with us.  Giving back is the most rewarding part of life.  (If you are living elsewhere then you can link to the site search here.)  Getting involved is easy and for more information visit: http://www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au/.

Remember, that is *next* Sunday, not today, so right now, I am going to grab and extra hug from my wife, with the most amazing bed hair I have ever seen, before I have to face the light and noise of the day ahead.  Wishing you all a wonderfully, restful day ahead.

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