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A few people noticed our site hit bandwidth limits last month.  We had our traffic allowance jacked up twice to compensate for the amazing amount of traffic we were getting.  We originally put it down to the wedding taking place but, really, that appears to only be part of the bigger picture.

Photo courtesy of Bill Smith - https://www.flickr.com/photos/byzantiumbooks/

Photo courtesy of Bill Smith.  Thank you for being another visitor!

Last month our visitor statistics looked something like this:

Daily average visitors: 40
Daily average pages: 167

Monthly visitors: 1166
Monthly average pages: 4868

For the very short time that we have had the web site up we were somewhat staggered but then we looked at the stats so far this month as it trends to:

Daily average visitors: 51
Daily average pages: 1142

With plenty of new visitors having a good look through all of our content to date.  (Good thing we haven’t got a full repository of articles yet!)

It also shows in our statistics how many of you are coming back just to catch up on recent news updates.  That today alone, so far we have had 84 visitors viewing a whopping 384 pages.  That means you are having a good look through 4-5 pages each time you visit!  All we can say is,

Wow! Thanks!

But also please find time to comment on the pages or articles that you have enjoyed – let us know.  And also feel free to ask questions that we can follow up with new material too.  This blog is about the community of Onkaparinga so you are welcome to have your say too!

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